Dispute resolution service

If both parties cannot come to an agreement regarding how to resolve your dispute you can use our "Dispute resolution" service described below.

1. Any party can start "Dispute resolution" service at any time by clicking on "dispute" from "Manage Account" page.

2. Only projects that use our escrow as method of payment can use "Dispute resolution" service.

3. What do you need to win your case?
  1. Our "Dispute resolution" team will evaluate all terms and requirements to the project that were specified in project description and in project message board before freelancer finally accepted work on the project. (We do not have access to your private emails and messengers - so we will not consider any agreement created by email, messenger etc.)
  2. When project completed freelancer must report "Project Completed" in project message board whithin specified delivery time.
    During 7 days buyer must reply on project message board whether they accept it or not and specify if something need to be fixed.
  3. When you communicate with our "Dispute resolution" team be sure you are not telling incorrect information(lying) by mistake - you will lost this case automatically.
  4. You have 7 days to reply to any dispute resolution request.
  5. Special case: Creation copy(clone) of a program or a web site is considered as special case because it is not possible to create 100% exact copy/clone without having source code.
    Many buyers are not aware about that and we will hold freelancer (programmer) responsible in case clone/copy does not match original in some way.
    To avoid such situations freelancer (programmer) must provide list of items that will be created under that project and ask buyer agree to use that list instead of using term "exact copy/clone".

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